Friday, February 3, 2012

Having A Hey Day

Maybe I made typo. It should be "Hay Day". With the mild temps we have been having, it has made getting hay almost enjoyable. That smiling, farmer-guy is my hubby. It is hard for him to get the hay put away because as you can see, the girls are swarming him and getting a sample of it. It seems to pass their inspection!

I'm still working on my 'nemesis'. Every day, I work a little
on it before I start on anything else. I keep telling myself
how gorgeous it will be when completed. This is a close-up of the knitting to show you how small it is. I know I'm getting a little whiny about it, but --what is that? 6 rows to an inch?!! I'm thinking about making it into just a neck warmer instead of a scarf. The k1p1 is getting tedious on that pair of toothpicks. In the past week, I have finished two hats and two scarves in the same time frame I completed 8 inches on the nemesis. I wonder what I'll get done this next week? hmmm.............I need to put some mitts in the quilt shop. hmmm...................................

Talk to you soon, 



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