Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Get So Confused!

Here I am again with the dreaded Nemesis. I was knitting away on it and just happened to look down at it. Do you see it? OMG!

<--across here. Somehow I added a stitch. How in the world did I do that? (I ask myself) But there it is, just as plain as the nose on my face.

I contemplate for a minute. Can I live with it? I stand up and look at it. Its not that bad.   I can live with it. I take about three steps back. I'll try the 'ten foot rule'. If I can't see it or tell at ten feet away, its ok.  I look at it. And then it comes crashing in at me:

                                                                                 ITS GOTTA RIP!

                   and here I am now. Making more work for myself. But I have to be able to live with it. It is
                        going to have my name on it, and that is the way it is. Dad-gum-it!! Its right now.

Part Two:  Harry

For two weeks, we had a goat join our family named Harry. A very personable goat. He joined the cast of "Mr. Roberts" in Waterloo at the community theatre. My husband hauled him in a trailer every night and took him back to his house afterward. The cast had to arrange for someone to sit with Harry each night because when he was alone, well, all he did was bawl. Bawl so loud you could hear him in the theatre! He was quite a character! My son would lead him around to the front of the theatre, go inside the front door, walk him up the 40 or so steps and into the audience. My son's character stole the goat on shore leave and brought him back on board the boat. Well, the first weekend went smooth. Harry went through the audience and up the steps onto the stage like a champ. Didn't poop anywhere in house. The second weekend didn't go so smoothly! lol
I guess Harry was turning a little bit 'Diva'. He wouldn't go up on the steps on to the stage. He wanted to stay in the audience! It was quite funny!  Here is a couple of illegal pictures I took on Sunday of them.

Yes, Harry is now a veteran of the stage! Thanks to the Jones' family for sharing him with us. We all had a great time.

Talk to you soon,   Tammy

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