Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Extra Day

I had to write today. I won't get this chance again for four years. So I had to.

Fortunately, there seems to be something going on around here every day. Most times, it is a question of which one to write about. Not whether there is anything to write about.

The weather has been oh-so-nice this winter. I have already pulled the water tank heaters and wrapped up the extension cords. My son, and current farm manager, has been working on lead with several of the alpacas. Vienna is hands down his favorite paco. To the point that now he is trying to untrain her because with him she is too familiar. Yes, when he steps out the back door and calls her name she comes running from wherever she is in the pasture. She follows him around. (she always has) But she is borderline overhandled when it comes to him. So, he has been putting her on a lead and walking her around and it has helped alot. He has stopped petting all over her, too.

 Yes, she is a bit over handled. It has been a great lesson for him. And me. But as I explained to him, she is much more friendly with him. She listens to me and keeps her distance when I tell her to. And I keep an eye on her when we have visitors. She is so cute, its hard for visitors not to give her attention. She will come up to the fence and give paco kisses.  She will be just fine. And it seems she is another 'special needs' alpaca that will have to stay at our farm. Oh darn! That charcoal grey fine fiber will have to stay with us.

 How do not love a picture of an alpaca and her boy, walking into the sunset.

                                                                Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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