Thursday, February 9, 2012

Resistance Is Futile

Not a good picture, I admit, but I couldn't resist taking one of myself last night. I checked in to a sleep center because my doctor thinks I might have apnia. I was hooked up to so many sensors and probes that I felt a bit cyborg. Then they tell you to lay down and go to sleep. Yeah-right! I was visited by the nurse at 5:30 this morning to get myself un-hooked to everything and then drive an hour home. I have not been operating within normal parameters today. I did get my inch + on The Nemesis done and some sort of food fixed for the guys for dinner before they headed out with Harry the Goat in tow. More about Harry later. The moral today? Sometimes life catches up to you. Just go with it. Don't fight it. Resistance is futile! 

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

 This is a quilt I made for my grandson's birthday last month that I forgot to show you.

And a hat I finished with yarn I dyed a couple of weeks ago. All done during The Nemesis.

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