Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tiny Mitts For Busy Little Hands

I have a little grandson who at 2, loves to go outside despite the weather and 'work'. With mom, with dad, with whoever will take him outside. He is a boy that always has a mission.  So I decided to shrink a mitts pattern and make him some work gloves. These will keep his hands warm while allowing his fingers and thumb to work.

They are made out of an over-dyed grey alpaca yarn. I love the bluejeans color.

After I finished the first mitt, I was doing my 'inch' on The Nemesis yesterday morning while having a cup of coffee with my hubby. We were chatting about upcoming events, animals, the usual coffee chit-chat.  I had marked my daily starting point with a safety pin. I was humming along (I thought!) on my knitting and told my husband I must already have 2 inches on this baby today. I looked down at my K1P1. I wasn't doing a seed stitch! Yikes!! While I was knitting a K1P1, it was a ribbing like on the cuff of the little blue mitt! *^##**+*! What?? So what started out as a good Nemesis day, turned out to be another ripping out the rows day. It is a good exercise in patience. But I already thought my patience was pretty much streamlined.   It is not.

The next picture could be a poster. It shows Canela in her proud mother pose with baby Lincoln.

                                                         Talk to you soon,   Tammy

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