Friday, March 9, 2012

Sock Yarns

I have been receiving some sock yarns to put in stock at the shop. I love the fact that they are superwash yarns. You can put them in the washer and wash 'em with the other clothes and air dry them. If they get put in the dryer by your son, on accident who was trying to help out, it is not the end of your knitted world. They still come out ok. I love the self-stripey-ness of them. Rounds of different colors with not a mountain of ends to weave in later. When you are done knitting, your done. But why are they called sock yarns? Are they sock-only yarns? Nooooo!
I started knitting mitts out of the yarn.  And I can get several pair of mitts out of one 100g skein, too.

Baby items are good because of the easy care. ie hats
And as I just mentioned, hats.

Some of the yarns have longer striping blocks which suit hats very well.

These mitts were fun and fast to knit. They are 3/4 mitts which means that they go up my forearm. They are longer than the others I have made and I really like the length. I have started a spring hat in light blue to go with them. Try making a pair for yourself!

Here is a picture of my grandson in his mitts. He likes to wear them, even when reading his bedtime stories with his dad at night. They are working out very well for him.

Busy little hands he has.

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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