Sunday, March 11, 2012

Little John Takes A Wife

He has chosen. Or should I say, she has chosen him! Little John is all grown up now and has his own wife. They make a very cute couple. She gives him the companionship he has been wishing for. They walk around the barn clucking at each other and off to the pasture they go in search of adventure. Their romance has been going on a few days now. Its fun to see them together. (I know! I need to get out more)

Spring must be just around the corner because the hens have started laying eggs. If you look closely, you can tell there are at least 5 different hens' eggs in this clutch. They vary by shape and by color. We have one hen that lays torpedo eggs! When I find her nest, I'll show a picture of them. They are comical. But taste good.

Here are pics of Percy, right, and Lincoln, left. Both boys are turning into quite handsome alpacas. Look at that belly on Lincoln! He hasn't been skipping any meals. Percy has Laredo's frosted colored ears. That is a trademark Laredo stamp that he puts on all his crias. At least so far to date. Percy is just about old enough to start weaning from his mom.

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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