Monday, March 26, 2012

It Took 5 Years

for my wisteria to bloom. And this year it has! I bought it out of one the dozens of plant catalogs we get each year. The picture in the catalog looked very much like this. And it only took 5 years for the little twig I received in the mail to bloom. Don't you wish that when you ordered out of those catalogs that what you received in the mail looked like their pictures right off? I know when I order, in my mind's eye, I'm going to get a plant that looks just like the picture in the mail. Not the little 4" twig I received. But I hung in there. Each year I composted. Each summer I watered. I mulched. Last year its vine grew an incredible 5 feet. But no blooms. I started wondering if they came in male and female plants like holly and I got a male that would never bloom. But oh-my-gosh this year! I'd like to say that it was worth the wait but to honest, I wanted it 4 years ago.

The vine is planted around the door to my workshop.
It smells heavenly!

Yesterday evening, I stood at the door for a long time. And this morning, too. This flower was on my gardener's bucket list. With the clemitis vine and the hollyhocks.

I've been letting the girls into the back yard. I don't like wasting the early spring grass on a lawnmower. Not when they enjoy it so much. So lately, I've been standing under the wisteria and talking to the girls. Then going into my workshop and washing some fleece as I look out the window at them. Sometimes they peek back in at me through the window.  And I truly appreciate being able to do that.

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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