Monday, December 26, 2011

Acid Sunshine

One last Christmas cookie picture before I begin the blog. It looks like the cookies are headed to that snowy, winter scene! Those are chocolate sugar cookies (my own recipe) with chocolate icing. Long live the
Cookie King! lol

And now on to Acid Sunshine...

This is the skein of yarn that I dyed last week. Yes, I know it is bright! I was going for bright--but wow!
I was already having doubts about the idea I had perceived in my head. I was looking at it and looking at it. I was stumped. I couldn't decide if I should keep it or throw it in the trash. I showed it to my son. At 19 years old, he has been a source of great inspiration for me. I asked him to go out into the workshop and take a look at it and tell me his thoughts on it. He came in and said, "Well-- its bright!" I told him I can't think of a name for it, let alone what to use it for. He said that he'd call it, and wait for it........"Acid Sunshine!" Yep! that's what it is!

So I decided to ball it up to get a different look at it. I thought I might like it better. And I did!

Well, I thought there was hope for this yarn after all. And I started to get some ideas for it.

The picture still doesn't show the exact colors.

In a ball, it shows that it is indeed a self-striping yarn. It is a bugger to make, but definitely worth it.

Ta-Daaah!! I decided to make a slouchy beret hat out of it and it definitely shows the color sequencing. And, this picture shows the colors. I took the yarn and the hat into the quilt shop to put them on the shelves for sale. I'm glad I made the hat to show how cool self-striping yarn is!

I am, though, going to do a line with more muted colors for those who do not care to wear such bright colors. But the bright ones are fun to do!

Here is the yarn in the skeins. To look at it, you would never guess that it would become the hat that you saw in the above picture. The yarn is in the shop. Look for it. Acid Sunshine. One skein makes the hat.

Well, I'm off. Bound for more dyeing adventures.

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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