Monday, May 2, 2011

"The Raid On Rocher"

The Civil War visited Prairie du Rocher this weekend as the town re-enacted the most likely only documented skirmish in Illinois during the Civil War. "The Raid On Rocher", as it is being called, happened on April 6, 1864. Some Confederates from Missouri were in town that day and a Union Militia Cavalry unit came across the ferry into Illinois to capture them. They chased them around town and up the bluff. At the end of the skirmish two Confederates were killed and two captured and one Union soldier was wounded. But it didn't end there. The Union troops tore up the town, raiding the local store and stealing horses and guns from several houses in town. For the re-enactment we had the 10th Missouri Cavalry Unit leading the way. They brought 8 horses with them. It was an awesome sight! Many local townspeople took part.

We had soldiers and militia of every age shooting their guns and having a great time!

The central spot for gathering between skirmishes was the Creole House. Visitors enjoyed coming up on the porch and talking with the soldiers and the 'ladies'.

Below is a picture of Laurie Becker, the caretaker of the Creole House. I had her pose for this shot. Thanks for indulging me, Laurie!

Below is a picture of when the Union Militia caught one of the Confederate soldiers that was hiding in the bluffs. He put up quite a fight, but he was outnumbered.

Come join us next year when the town will be doing the re-enactment again! Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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