Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Deal of the Century!

This is  a picture of Jadzia. She is a cute little alpaca that is very mild mannered and quiet tempered. She gets along well with the other girls and even lets last year's crias eat pellets out of her dish with her. Even when pregnant. Yes, I was very confident selling Jadzia to anyone, including someone new to alpacas. She has birthed with no problems, too. Very confident I was. I had her on the website for $2500 on a special, and special is right because she was due to have her cria at any time. It was quite a deal! It was

The Deal of the Century!!

And I say that because she had her cria on Sunday. The Deal Is---GONE!

Look at the cria she had! This little guy does not come along every day. And now Jadzia has proven she can throw some amazing patterns. She is a little, quiet pot of gold! I am so excited about this guy. He sports the colors black, white, silver grey, coffee brown, medium brown and medium fawn. He is like an alpaca rainbow. And up and running in a couple of hours after his birth. Haven't decided for sure on a name yet. My son wants to name him Set, after an Egyptian god, but to me it sounds like a verb. 
 Yes, he is a very handsome boy. He might be a keeper, I'm not sure yet. I want to to keep him anyway but I can't keep them all. That is the fun of breeding--not knowing what is in there until he comes into this world. And what a pleasant surprise!

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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  1. Oh wow, I've been raising alpacas for 12 years now and have never seen one colored like this! He is beautiful. Congrats!