Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blackberry Winter

That's what the old farmers call what we have been experiencing this week in weather. "Blackberry Winter".
 Before it, we have a couple of weeks of warmer than normal temperatures. Like for the Waterloo Sheep Festival on April 9, it was 91 degrees! Now for the past week it has been cold. And it seems even colder because of the previous warm weather. I've gotten out my mitts again! Its been getting down to around 42 at night with a high of 50 during the day. And during this cold snap the wild blackberries bloom. You can see their clusters of white flowers along the fields and roadsides. This Blackberry Winter usually means a good wild blackberry crop. That will make my husband very happy. (and we like happy hubbies)

I have gotten my Susie's Reading Mitts done. I am very pleased with how the pattern turned out. The yarn was gifted to me by my friend, Bonnie Ahrens. It is a 50/50 angora/merino blend and is wonderful to wear. I got the pattern out of the Ravelry library. I've been forcing my hubby to drive places so that I have some extra knitting time. And because of it, I have them done. Getting little projects done makes me feel better about myself. I like to make things. And to anyone at the wedding last week, Jason and Megan's, these were what I was working on!

Knit happy!    Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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