Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shearing 2011

So it was Fiber Christmas at Illini Alpacas this week! 
This is a picture of Leo getting his wool coat taken off. Look at those spots!

He also did very well on the shearing table with it being his first time sheared. We had shearers come in to do the actual shearing. It is something I wouldn't attempt alone and the shearer had a handy
table that really saved our backs! We had the help of our son, Nate, and a friend of ours from a neighboring farm, Alice Biffar. (Thanks to both of you, you were so much help!) To the right is Lonestar getting his first shearing. I am amazed at how his fiber glistens in the light. And the staple length! I watch each one with awe. The only spitter was little Vienna and she spit on the table and it was on her favorite boy, Nate. He loves her so much he didn't even mind!
The boys sheared without incident, thankfully, and we were doing a bang-up job with the girls until we hit
a snaggle.
Enter Vidalia!
Or Not! lol
She cushed in the barn and would not get up. So Bruce grabbed her backend and raised it up and pushed trying to coax her up. She wasn't falling for that! She planted those front legs on the ground and they ended up like this to the right. It was hysterical! I had to get a picture of it!
As you can see, the shearers were kinda disgusted about it and at a loss at what to do. During this time, me and Nate were too busy laughing to be of much help. She eventually got up and on the table and we resumed shearing. 
She gave us what we needed: a nice laugh to break up the day. We sheared all 26 animals in just under 7 hours. It was a full day. And a day where I got a couple of surprises. Good ones, too.
This is Diesel. I had no idea he was spotted like this! His fleece is amazing, too! Ahh, The Mighty, Mighty, Diesel! He can justifiably strut around the pasture now in all his glory spots. I am very impressed with this little guy. I would go as far as to say he is show worthy. It was a great day but an exhausting one. And Fiber Christmas does only come once a year. Darn.                                                                Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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