Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blue Birds Are Back


Each year we are fortunate that bluebirds take up residence in our back yard. I say fortunate because--well, look at them! They are so beautiful! And their box is outside my kitchen window so I get to have my coffee each morning while watching them. As you can see, their set-up isn't the most attractive but it is functional. The metal pole the birdhouse sets on doesn't let Buckette, the black snake, get up there. The rabbit wire under the feed dish keeps the cats from jumping them when they aren't looking. The rock in the feed dish keeps it from being too wobbly. This set up works at our house and for years now we have bluebirds successfully hatch out each spring. I buy several thousand meal worms and keep them in my fridge to feed them every morning. I noticed this morning that
both the male and female were taking worms into the house so that means the eggs have hatched out! I'll step up the amount of worms I give them tomorrow. They are devoted parents. And are devoted to each other. The male will feel the female. He feeds her when she is setting on the nest. They get quite tame, too. When I go out in the morning to feed them, I call, 'bluebird, bluebird', put the worms in the tray and barely get two steps away when they come flying down to get the worms. This is definitely one of the cool things about living in the country. I like it out here. Even with all the water. 

Talk to you soon, 


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