Thursday, April 28, 2011


Sometimes, really wonderful things happen in your life at the same time with some really bad things. And as is human nature, the bad overshadows the good. Its just the way of it. MOPACA held its annual alpaca show in Kansas City on the last weekend in March. They encompass 11 states now and it is a pretty big deal. Several weeks prior, I sent in two entries into their Fiber Art Show. I sent in a blue felted dress that I made for Ava, the daughter of my friend, Amanda.
Its a very cute little jumper sized for about a 1 year old. It has silk and glitz intermingled in the alpaca. It buttons in the back and has a cute little flower made of natural colored fawn alpaca felted into it at the bottom. I am very pleased with how the dress turned out and Amanda loves it, too! And she graciously gave it up for a month in order for me to enter it in Kansas City. Thanks again, Amanda!

The other entry that I sent in was my zebra rug that I made last summer.
I made this rug to resemble an actual zebra hide. I found that natural zebra stripes aren't all nice and horizontal or even. I used a picture of an actual hide to lay out my stripes. The original idea came from my daughter-in-law, Beckie. She was going to decorate my grandson, Eagan's, bedroom in Noah's Ark. I thought a rug like this might tie into the theme of the room. I don't know, maybe she won't think so. I still like the rug. When I start feeling better, I think it will inspire me to make another one to go with it. Anyhoo--I digress. Its a large rug (by my felting standards) measuring about 3 foot x 4 foot.  And it is felted HARD! No wimpy felt here.

 And it payed off because...drum roll inserted here...

So, my hard work payed off. And someone else also saw inspiration in my ideas. How cool is that!? It makes me smile.

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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