Monday, April 18, 2011

Fiber Dyeing Class

Saturday I taught a Fiber Dyeing Class for 3 Sisters' Workshop. It was fantabulous! There is nothing more fun than spending a day dyeing yarn and enjoying good food--with the help of 'my lovely assistant, Darrell'! Get a group of fiber lovin' people together and magic happens. It was a little chilly outside (not like last weekend when it was 90) so we set up shop in Julie Wier's kitchen. Which by the way, was where all the home made food was. Did I mention that dyeing is hungry work? Well, I am now. Dyeing is hungry work.

We had some handspun yarn from Amanda to dye as well as 20 more skeins of yarns to dye. As is usual with dye workshops, we could have dyed many more! It was a busy day and we got alot accomplished. Dyeing is addictive because once you start, you can't stop! By the end of the day, we had colored yarn hanging everywhere. And I mean everywhere! I'll be bringing some for my booth at the Green Day Festival at St. Clare Hospital on Friday. Everyone went home tuckered out but with a smile on their face and yarn hanging from their arms. That was a good time, I hope to do the class again. Thanks Julie and Amanda for all the help and support! And I can't forget 'my lovely assistant, Darrell'!

And this is the class, there is me, Cathy, Tina, Amanda and Julie. Thank you for ladies for a great day!

 Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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