Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shearing Goes On

and on. We are down to the last 2 of the herd. Yeah! I must admit, I'm starting to get pretty good at this shearing thing. Tomorrow we are taking it on the road. And Saturday morning we shear our last two. I am enjoying it even though my back complains through my mouth in the evening. (I do whine a bit after I have sit too long knitting and watching Criminal Minds)  It was interesting about alpaca personality dynamics yesterday when we were shearing Vienna. After we put her on the table and I started shearing my son ran into the house to grab a soda and while in there the phone rang and he answered it. Well, he was holding her head and when he left my hubby took it over. I was about half was through the first side when she noticed he wasn't there. She started grunting and groaning. Then squealing. She was becoming quite loud and started stressing. At that point she started testing her leg restraints. I had to stop shearing for fear of injury by the blades. My son could hear her all the way in the house! He ran back out, took over holding her head and calling her, "Vee-Vee". She heard his voice, then saw his face in front of hers and took a big breath and started calming down. No more screaming or fighting restraints. I finished shearing her without another incident. Except her legs. It must tickle or something cause it makes most alpacas jump and wiggle a bit. I am still in awe of Vienna's reaction to my son's presence. That certainly is an alpaca and her boy!

I picked up some fresh strawberries at the local produce stand, Stuckmeyer's, and put up 3 quarts this morning. I just washed them, trimmed off the tops and sliced them in big slices and put them in small freezer bags. The berries in the stores do last longer in the fridge but do not taste nearly as good as these! As you can see, they are ripe all the way to the top. They are so worth the time to put up. I recommend you do it, too.

It has been a weird spring and because of it, we do not have a cherry crop this year. The strawberries are making up for it. I think I'll make some strawberry lemonade and ponder it for awhile.

Talk to you soon,  Tammy


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