Thursday, June 7, 2012

Got Fleece?

We have been shearing at our farm now all week. Well, we did take yesterday off. I needed to go to the quilt shop to knit. We are getting quite proficient at it, too, I must say. I'm not saying that it is easy, not at all! My back is a little achy. But it is alot easier than writing a $700 check to someone else for doing it!

This is a picture of Allegra's back, halfway through the shearing. She has nice, dense fiber as you can see. Also, a nice staple length. Heck! If I can learn how to shear, anybody can! lol  We are having a Shearing 101
class on Saturday if anyone is interested. If you remember, me and hubby went to Seattle last year to take a seminar from alpaca shearing guru, Matt Best. The only thing we are doing differently is shearing the alpacas on a shearing table. It saves wear and tear on our knees and backs. Our hearts may be young but our knees and backs are not! lol

We ended up with a huge bag full of Allegra's fleece. It is like having a fiber Chrismas! I know many spinners that say, "oh, another white fleece, how boring". But me? I see a rainbow! This year it may be green. Next year, a nice denim blue. Or red. Or orange. The rainbow! Looking at a bag full of fleece makes me smile. It helps me get past the stress of last week's feltball madness. Petting a newly sheared fleece is so very soothing for the nerves. It makes me think of the future. And what this bag of fleece will become. I'll let you know when I think of something.

Ever wonder while you are away from home about who is doing all those little things around the farm? I do. I wondered who was taking care of the chicks. and chickens. Who was gathering all the eggs? I wondered. When I got home, I realized....


                                                            Talk to you soon,  Tammy


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