Thursday, June 7, 2012


Or should I call it weeding?
I mean seriously! I do like to work outside. I like to plant things in the vegetable and flower gardens. I am by no means 'A Wonder Woman Gardener'. I seem to be a fair weather gardener. Look at that picture. I swear some of those weeds are 4 foot tall. I should be hiding my face in shame instead of posting it for the whole world to see. But I am admitting to being human and that means that I cannot do it all. I wish I could but I have to make choices. Especially the older I get. So...I'm outside trying to find dirt in the front flo--no! weed bed and there are dirty dishes in the sink. and a pile of laundry keeping them company.

Did I mention that I like to work outside? My youngest son calls it 'fiddle-farting around'. But today the weather is sooooo nice! 70 degrees and a light wind. And the ground is working up very easily. I have been a happy little camper in the front yard wacking down weeds. I used to have some herbs and such in there but I didn't find much in the way of a plant that wasn't considered a weed. Oh! And I can identify most of my weeds. Milkweed and pigweed are the most common. And Rose of Sharon seeds like crazy, too. Sometimes, you find something outside that is quite extraordinary. Everytime I see one of these, I have to stop in awe of its beauty. The luna moth:

She is about 4 inches long from head to tip. The spots on her wings look like peacock eyes. I think I saved her from one of my chickens, though. I put her up in a bush and out of reach.

I did manage to find my purple coneflower. Now that the pigweed isn't smothering it, it might make it.

There were no bugs out today. No biting flies, no mosquitoes. It made for a pleasant day.

By evening, I had this pile to show for my time:

This is one huge pile of whacked weeds. You would think with a pile that big that I would be tired. But I am not. I guess that is the wonder of doing something you love. Your body is dead tired but your mind tells you  that you are not. I like the deception.

Gardening can be hard work. But it is work that is gratifying. Working in the dirt is something I used to do as a child with my grandparents. Grandpa instilled in me what he called a 'Victory Garden'. The definition I got from that today was my victory over the pigweed. Today, I won. Tomorrow, who knows?

This is a picture of my victory. I think some Black-Eyed Susan's would look very nice there. And some weed barrier paper. I'm trying to garden a little wiser as I get older.

                                                             Talk to you soon,  Tammy


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