Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rippin' It At Rendezvous

It was Rendezvous this past weekend. After being transported back in time to the 18th c. all weekend, it has been quite a shock returning to 2012 and trying to upload some pictures of it for this blog. I admit, I'm not all
that adept at computer software. I have been trying for literally an hour to upload these pictures. I don't know if my app is having some problems or if its operator bound. It just didn't want to do it. And I was just about to lose my vigor for blogging when I said to myself that I'd try it one more time...

And it worked! Sometimes you just have to talk nice to your stuff. It does work.

Above is the 42nd Regiment, complete with bagpipes. They are awesome to watch! and hear.

This is the grandson, complete in his frock. Yes, he is a boy. It is a frock. Boys would wear them until they were breeched. That means until they were completely potty trained so you could get to the diaper. After that, they were allowed to wear breeches (knee pants) He has little moccasins on, too. He is eating rock candy that I bought him. Quite a few pictures were taken of him by complete strangers. Under his other arm is a wooden gun he picked out that he drug around all afternoon. By nightfall, he had literally dropped in his tracks. Ahhh! Rendezvous!

I'm still working on my Hitchhiker. I got a little too much sun and messed up my pattern and had to frog back a few rows. Hence, the Rippin' It At Rendezvous! I am trying to stay out of the sun for a few days. It is very difficult but my lobster skin can't take any more. I got quite a lot done on it in two days. Maybe some time this summer it will get done. I'm hopeful.

On Saturday morning, I'm rushing around trying to get to morning colors on time and looked out in the pasture to see a surprise baby! Sara had a large, beautiful baby girl! I knew she was getting close and should have figured she would deliver on my busiest day. She is very healthy and did I mention large? We are playing "Who's Your Daddy?" My guess, is Blizzard because of her size. All the boys were in on that breakout last year. I had started calling them the "Breakout Kings". Well, Levi and Laredo both have small babies. Which is very good for maidens. (first time moms) Blizzard is large boned and so is this baby. She is pronking around the pasture and kicking up her heels! Welcome, baby girl!

I will leave you with a picture of an Indian that you wouldn't want to come across. I couldn't show you a full length shot because he had a lot of flesh showing and I am trying to maintain my PG rating.

                                              Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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