Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Friendly Reminder

Sometimes, when going through life, you have to remind yourself of things. Things that are important to you. Like your kids. Not the fact that they are important to you--of course you know that. But remind yourself how much a part of your life they are. And that they bring some pretty cool times to your life. Like on holidays. My son and his wife hosted a BBQ on Memorial Day. Its a nice time to catch up with his life. They have a great little farm on 6 acres in the country. New this year are the Moon Flowers shown in the picture at left. Those things are huge! They must stand about 4 foot tall and have dinner plate sized white blooms. Awesome to look at. My son laid the rock for that sidewalk and there is a matching patio on the left side of the house. The big stone rocks lining the flower beds were foundation stones from the original barn on the property that burnt down over 50 years ago. I enjoy looking at details like that. I guess my son comes by it naturally.

He has an iron forge on the side of the chicken house. I know it is at least a hundred years old. The guys had it fired up earlier in the day and were cranking out tent stakes for a dining fly for Rendezvous this weekend.

  These are the stakes they made. Yes, it was hot to be working iron. It was about 94 degrees. But the heat works to your advantage with this. There is more time to work the red hot iron before it cools down. The guys had a blast working the forge.

And I had a little hand wanting to show me the rasberry bushes. I have to admit that I only got to eat one. Those little hands are very adept at getting to the ripe berries! I doubt his momma is going to be able to get enough berries at one time to put any up!

I want to show you how we don't mess around in Randolph County when it comes to BBQ's. We get right down to it:

                                                          Now that's a BBQ starter! lol

The family started playing dartball and ended up playing pellet ball. I was kicked back sipping on lemonade, knitting on a Hitchhiker scarf and listening to the good humored ribbing they were giving each other. We enjoyed good food and good company. This is a friendly reminder to take time with your kids. Whether they are 3 or 33. When they are grown they still need the attention of their parents. And I, as a parent, still have a need to look after them. And I have a need to knit, not play dartball much to the amazement of my hubby. Every sport has their spectators and that be me. But that is another blog all in itself.

Enjoy your family. Enjoy your friends. May they be many. Happy knitting.

Talk to you soon,  Tammy


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