Thursday, June 7, 2012

And It Continues...

The shearing continues. On the table is Blizzard, being sheared by hubby. I love to watch the spots come off of the animal! It is quite striking. I know there will be 10 plus pounds when I weigh his fleece. It is a wonderful gift from him to me. I feel lucky to be able to have the alpacas in my world. 

We sheared my precious little Autumn. I will have to get a before and after picture up to give you a little chuckle. She looks very different.

And don't get me wrong, shearing is work. I'm tired today and my back is a bit sore. I was very fortunate to have two of my friends, Julie and Alice, come yesterday to help out. 'Many hands make light work' and they definitely lightened the load. But the animals sure get fed well enough around here because, boy! They are heavy and healthy! lol  That is thanks to my farm manager. He keeps a keen eye and a hand on their back.

I must admit, even with all the work, it is so gratifying to shear my own animals. I feel I have come full circle in alpaca husbandry. I have birthed many, nurtured the young, tended the sick and now shear them ourselves. We are not reliant on anyone else to it for us. Not to say we won't ever hire another shearer in the future! lol
But I have the confidence in knowing that I can do it here if I want to. Or if a situation comes up and it is a necessity. And that does happen sometimes. Yep, I am feeling better about myself today. Thank you, my dear alpacas for needing me. I will return the favor.

Talk to you soon,  Tammy



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