Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter Rose

Inspiration. Such a good word. Its hard to describe it without using the word inspire. But to artists, craft people, fibery people like me, it means the world. You need it to get fired-up. To get off your lazy bum and get something accomplished. It drives you. It makes you want. Sometimes without it, I can get depressed. Very blah. The main focus of my day is what to cook for supper. And then I get "inspired". I walked out my back door and looked to the left. It has been starting to get kinda cold at night here. Down to the mid-twenty's. The trees have long lost their leaves. And then I looked to my left and saw my rose bush which is planted at the base of the house. It still had some roses on it! A little frost had nipped the outer petals but in the drab surroundings it stood out like neon. And I was inspired! I had an idea! It pepped me right up and I got kinda giggle-y. Off to the workshop I went and spent the rest of the afternoon there. Supper? Awwww.....they can breathe air for supper. I'm busy!

And I ended up with the most beautiful yarn. I really like it and I'm sure I will make more of it. It will become one of my standard "colorways". Winter Rose. I hope you like it, too.

                                                          Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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