Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cloche Hat

You may remember my project from New Year's Eve. I was knitting away on a hat. It looked awkward and for the longest time it didn't look like a hat at all! It was because the side flower and the hat were one piece and knitted at the same time. Yeah, it took a while for me to start seeing it, too. I followed the directions, line by line. And kept my fingers crossed.

Remember this picture? It was a wad of knitting. I kept faith in the directions, though.

Here it is on Jan 1st. I wound the long end around in the flower shape like it was supposed to be. It finally started looking like it work out. My fingers were still crossed. 

And here is it! It is so cute on! The pattern is called Escargot in the Ravelry pattern library. If you decide to knit one, trust the instructions. I did add the vintage button in the middle of the flower doo-dad. And in doing so I got to spend some quality time with my buttons. : ) 


Talk to you soon,


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