Monday, January 2, 2012

Knitting In The New Year

While my family was having a heated        
pinochle game, I was in the next room
knitting. I was a bit tired, and my mind
didn't feel up to all the numbers and
keeping track of all the tricks. So, I
sat several feet away in a cozy
recliner working on a new hat. And
I was happily clicking away and felt
loved because my family is finally      
respecting my love of knitting and
leaving me alone to do it. Its been
awhile in coming but I was very
happy that it was there. And to put
the cherry on top was my grandson,
who is now 6, came running upstairs
with assorted friends and younger
cousins and came running up to me
and one asked what I was doing.
And my grandson said, "she's knitting.
She likes to knit." Very matter-of-
factly and they went running away.
I thought, "just how cool IS that!"

So, I ended my year knitting and I
also began my year knitting. Even
the next morning after breakfast.
The family was back at another
card game (did I mention how much
they love pinochle?) and I had a corner
of the table watching the game while
knitting. I was still quite sleepy, not
getting much sleep overnight, but
the repetition of the needles going
around and through the yarn is quite
comforting to me. And sitting around
the table with family playing cards and
me knitting was a wonderful way to
start out a new year. I hope you have
a Knitty New Year!!

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

p.s.  why is it that you can put your yarn and needles in a project bag and take them with you just fine. but when its time to go home, they have all exploded in size and won't fit into the same bag? its like they have been chocolate chip cookies or something. ooooh! that's right---I am
still eating all the cookies. a new year's list of resolutions will be included in the next blog. 

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