Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yes, the WIP's! Works In Progress. I have several of them now. So much for the New Years' Resolution. This heat wave we have been having, the heat index has been over 110 each day for over a week, has been taking all my time and sapping my energy. I am also in a production (with the rest of my family) of Guys and Dolls that opens this weekend. So to speak, I'm burning the candle at both ends right now!

I have 3 WIP's going on. All three were started on our Seattle vacation. I started the top one and ran out of yarn. I recently spun some more so I can finish it. It is another vest.

The next one is a slouchy hat. I ran out of sparkly yarn on vacation for that one, too! I've been getting 20 minutes here, 20 there to work on spinning more yarn to finish it. The blue alpaca was natural dyed in a indigo dye vat.

The third, which I am working on presently, is a merino/angora blend I spun a couple of years ago. I took the yarn as my 'back-up' project on vacation. I have one of the frilly cuffs done and about halfway on the second. I've been working on them on my downtime at rehearsals.

A project I started yesterday was a felted fedora for my lovely husband, Darrell, to wear as Big Jule in Guys and Dolls. I expect that will be done first as it has a deadline of this week. I'll post about it when its finished.

I have had some help in my workshop lately. This is a picture of Roxy, an orphan kitten I've been nursing along. She is going to be very small, but very lovable. So lovable that recently a different mother cat has adopted her, too, and been letting her nurse. It has helped her get over the 'hump' and start to thrive.  I've been letting her come into the shop to cool off a little every day. She loves to find a bag of unwashed alpaca for a nap. Its too cute to move her!

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