Friday, July 1, 2011

As The Mercury Rises,

I spend more and more of my time outside. Not because I love to sweat and love the heat, but because the animals need me to. I spend more time outside with the hose on spraying them off and we play in the water. I will admit that part is alot of fun!

Little Aries has taken to the water
like a little duck! It was kinda hard getting this picture--what with the hose spraying in one hand and the camera in the other and juggling both trying not to get the camera wet!
It is a strange sight in the bottoms now. It is very dry in the pastures and the gardens but when you look around on each side of us, well, all you see if flood water. The road has been closed just past our house for several months due to flooding. It is a high water year. I put up extra bug zappers to try to control the extra bugs and it seems to be working.

Alegra, the amazing velcro alpaca, has now turned into the Amazing Mudball Alegra! She loves the water and will let me spray her forever, I think. But I think it is more of a game with her rather than cooling off. She gets wet, then runs to the dust pile to roll a couple of times, then runs back to get sprayed again! She is hysterical!

And check out Little John perched on the bar! The babies are growing up so quickly! The black chick to the left is a rooster. The next one is a hen. The one to the far right with the fluff on the head is--well--I'm not sure what that is! lol  And it looks like I might be calling Little John, ummm, Little Johnnie? Johnette? And suggestions?

 Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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