Monday, July 11, 2011

The Heat Is On!

Man, its hot! The heat index is
supposed to reach about 115 degrees
today. Actual temp: 102. I have spent
the majority of the day outside attached
to a hose. So far the animals are doing
ok. But they are drinking alot of water.
And that's ok, too. The younger
animals are starting to have fun with
the water. Yachtzee, as you can see
from the photos, likes to put his whole
head in the sprayer! It is a nice bonding
time with the alpacas, spraying them
with the hose. They depend on me to
take care of them and I do. Gaining the
trust of the animals in your care is a
wonderful thing and beneficial later if
a health condition comes up. They know
you aren't going to hurt them. They may
not like what you are doing to them but
they deal with it better! Stay cool, my friends,
in this horrible heat. I didn't get enough of
it today and tonight I'm off to the Muny in
Forest Park to see the musical 'The Little
Mermaid'. At least I won't be sitting in the

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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