Saturday, July 16, 2011

Drinkin' Out Of The Hose

Remember drinking out of the hose
when you were a kid? Oh heck! I'll
admit I did it this morning! When you
are outside and its hot, like it has been
here and will be all next week, when you
are thirsty--its right there. Well, the alpacas
must think the same thing. When I am
hosing them off on these 100 plus degree
days, some of them get a quick drink from
the hose. I'd thought I'd share these summer
fun pictures with you.
The first one is Georgie, the self-appointed
guard of the girl herd. She loves her hose
time! She will dance around and jump in the
air and grap a quick drink.

This is Apollo. He is a rose grey male in my boy herd.
I affectionately call him my 'wool covered water buffalo'. He is not happy until his entire body is covered in water. I know-I know! "They say" (whoever 'they' is, I'm still not sure) not to get an alpacas back wet. But unless I am paying strict attention to what I'm doing, he puts his back under the sprayer. I figure, makes him happy!

 This one is Yahtzee, he is another one that likes to put his whole face in the sprayer. And grab a drink.
He ends up looking like a little drowned mouse.

All the alpacas like the water, with the exception of Tricksee. She is new this year and still not sure about the sprayer. After she gets initially wet she is fine. But the sprayer still  spooks her a little. In time, I am sure she will get over it.

So go outside, travel back to your childhood and play in the hose and grab yourself a drink!

Talk to you soon, Tammy

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