Monday, April 2, 2012

And I'm Not Kidding

About learning alpaca handling at Illini Alpacas. Even yesterday, on April Fool's Day, it was serious business around here. In our working manual, there is no such thing as too young. So, as I was babysitting my grandson yesterday, we began our journey down the "packies" path.

                                        We started with him trying to give Georgie a kiss.

Then, he and Lincoln became friends. I guess it was the similar size that attracted them to each other. I started teaching him what behavior the packies liked and didn't like. He was a quick study.


He already knew all about a hose. It started getting hot and I mentioned giving the alpacas some water and off he ran to turn it on. As you can see, he already has the proper attire. Boots. He loves his boots!

We filled all the water tanks with water. Not much training needed here. He was already pretty good at it. And very willing. The two most important attributes in a ranch hand. Size doesn't matter as much.

Lincoln's mom, Canela, was a willing participant in teaching how to hose off alpacas. My grandson did ask why there wasn't a spray nozzle on the hose. Not much gets by this boy! Last fall the one I had broke and this unseasonable 90 degree heat has caught me off guard. I'll have to get one soon. The 'packies' are in full wool and get hot very easily right now. I might have to shear early if this weather continues. All and all, we had a full day of training yesterday. I can see my grandson is going to be alot of help to me in the years to come. 

                                                      Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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