Monday, April 16, 2012


This is my worktable in my workshop. I can't find the top of it. I know there is a table under there somewhere. I was frantically getting roving together last week for the local sheep festival when I had
a death in my family in Arkansas on Wednesday. I left Thursday for Arkansas and arrived back home
last night. I think it might take me days to sort stuff out, put it where it likes to live and get back to my
work routine. That is if I really ever had a work routine. I did learn a few things this past weekend:

People do not like to go out anywhere when it is pouring down rain. It is easier and drier to stay home.

When traveling in southern Missouri, do not confuse a restaurant named Apple Barrel  with either
Cracker Barrel or Applebee's. It resembles neither. Neither does it resemble a restaurant.

When knitting while traveling, if you think you might be off a stitch on your pattern, don't continue talking
and knitting for 300 plus stitches before you stop and check it out. Knitting does not correct itself on its
own. You are only fooling yourself.

And, merino/silk yarn is very, very slippery. don't just push down the stitches on the needles and stuff it
in your knitting bag. It also ravels easily. Its not so relaxing when you are knitting the same rows several
times. Yes, I said several. It took more than one time for me to learn this lesson before I put the green stoppers on the needles.

These are handy little things that are priceless when you need them. When you don't, they cost about $2 for a package of 4.

Need yarn? Need roving? Just let me know.

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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