Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Carding We Will Go

a carding we will go, hi-ho-the merry-o, a carding we will go. (I think I watched waaay too much 3 Stooges growing up. I guess I think of it because there is a remake movie coming out soon. As a Stooge purist, I doubt I will go see it.)

My usual carding outlet has been having some health issues so I have been burning the midnight oil trying to get fleece carded in time for Waterloo Sheep Festival this weekend. I have a Patrick Green Supercard, so it is making the job easier. I love my carder! Even though yesterday, I was feeling overwhelmed by it all and while I was cleaning it out of unwanted dirt and junk, I'm embarrassed to admit this! But I forgot to unplug it and got a snap-crackle-pop and thought I blew it up! After about an hour of sheer panic, my husband helped me to realize I just threw the breakers in workshop. I'm such a dummy head! But I'm better now and back to carding.

My biggest obstacle has been to keep all the fiber in the workshop and not be a carrier into the house. After several days and fuzzy drinks, I have been using an apron and it helps keep the extras contained. Don't look too close at my Easter ham. It was before the apron idea. But it ate just fine anyhow.

                        Of course this is the before picture. You really didn't want to see 'the after'!

                                                         Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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  1. That white fluff of fiber looks lovely! I can't wait to see it in person!