Friday, September 30, 2011

The Bellies Of Fall, season 2

Me and Aries have been checking out the status of the alpaca girls this week trying to figure out which ones are pregnant and due next month and which ones are just 'fat'.

And the look to the left is the look that me and Aries have been exchanging all week. Neither of us can figure it out.

We do agree that--weeeell maybe--the girls are getting too much grain. Even though they act like they are starving each and every day.

Me and Aries took some pictures for you to decide for yourself. What do you think?

This is Emmee. Emmee is pretty much a slam dunk for pregnant. She is the easy one. She has milked up already. I guess in about a week she will have her cria.
This is Venus. Not as easy. She is one that we are scratching our head over. She has fooled us before and wasn't pregnant. She is a big belly girl. I really don't think so.
Canela is a big belly girl, too. I didn't breed her intentionally last year. She got caught by Houdini (Levi) before we figured out where he was getting out at. She does have a definite 'lump' in her lower stomach and has quite an appetite. We are undecided.
               Abbey Road has a nice little belly on her. She is a compact girl and she has compact little babies. I did spit test her a couple of weeks ago and she tested positive. Jett didn't even get into the barn and the spit was flyin'. I just don't really know the 'when'. Houdini was making a major performance when we were gone on vacation in Seattle. I guess I'll figure it out in a month or so! lol
An enigma this season is Sara. Shown right. One day she looks preggo, the next, not so much. Today is a day she does. If bred, she would be due Nov 1. The reason I have trouble deciding is that last year at this time she was huge. She stuck out on each side. It was obvious. She is one that makes me and Aries look cockeyed at each other.       One thing is sure. Time will tell us everything we need to know. Its just that I'm not that patient! I may only have a couple of babies this year. sigh........It takes so long for their gestation. 11 1/2 months. Well, I guess its time to start thinking about next year then. I'd like to see some more spots.  I may have a bit of a wait.
Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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