Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lions and Tigers and SKUNKS! Oh My!

So, I'm coming in from the barn yesterday evening, at dusk, and look at what pops out from under my workshop! No, its not a small badger but a skunk! I am standing about 10 feet from him.

He then walks about 5 feet over to the back door of the house. He is obviously looking for the cat food bowl. When I have said before that I adopt the stray cats that come into the yard, I didn't mean this! LOL He is looking right at me when I took this picture.

The next thing he does is walk back to the workshop, where he started. Wait a minute! He makes a hard left and is walking up to me! Does he like the camera? I'm standing about 10 feet away from him at this point and as you can see, he is making 'beady little eyes' contact with me. I started stepping backward very slowly.
He turned to go back under the workshop and then made a quick turn around heading back for me! You can tell because the picture got a little blurry from my jumping! He was moving fast and heading for me! I have never had this happen before. I'm thinking "I've calculated skunk spray before (how and why I did that is another story in itself) at being over 40 miles per hour when it hits the air. He is between me and the house. There is no way I can make it! Back to the barn! The alpacas will save me." And away I ran shrieking like a little girl.
The moral to the story? There isn't one. Funny punch line at the end? There isn't one. But I was very careful last night when I stepped out of the workshop to go in the house, that's all. I plan on not being home this evening at dusk in case he comes back with his infatuation. This is just my crazy life.
Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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