Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This is the little guy born on Friday! This picture was taken shortly after his birth. My son named him saying that all herdsires should be named after Greek gods (remember Aries?). I might have to rethink letting my son name the new babies. Anyway, I digress--his momma, Emmee, was a first time mom and she sailed through the birth like a champ. He is a little small but for a first timer, that's ok! He was  a couple of weeks early and it took a few hours for her milk to come in so I gave him some formula to get him started. And of course I wasn't ready! As you can tell, the only soda bottle in the house was a two litre bottle. Talk about over kill! lol  As you can see, the bottle was as big as he was. Hey! You make due with what you have!

Vienna was in love with her half brother (they have the same dad, Laredo). She still is, too. It fun to see the girl herd welcome the new guy. And Georgie had her watchful eye on him immediately. I had to put mom and Vidalia in the barn for the day as he was getting confused about who his mom was because all the girls wouldn't leave him alone. But after a few hours of nursing, he figured it out fast. He makes Aries look so big! It looks like Percy (that is what I will call him) is going to be a rose grey tuxedo. It is hard to be sure until his true fleece starts growing in. Many times the cria fleece's color is altered in the womb by the fluid. So we'll have to wait a month or so to be sure. The tips of his ears are curled a little, too. They will straighten out in a couple of weeks. Did I mention he is full peruvian? Well, he is. I am going to enjoy watching him grow. It looks like he is the only cria I will have this season. That is ok.
Here's a picture of him yesterday.
And while we are looking at "awe!" pictures, I thought I'd add one I took yesterday evening. Birdzilla has got her babies roosting already in the barn and two of them are finding shelter under her wing. She sleeps with her wing stretched out like that! That is a mother's love!
Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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