Friday, August 26, 2011

If Looks Could Kill...

...I'd be a goner!! lol  As you can see, Venus doesn't like having cayenne rubbed on her nether regions! lol  I held up the camera while I did and got a great shot of her look. And its not the cayenne, it is touching her nether regions at all. I can scratch her neck, run my hand down her back as I walk by, but not the nether regions!  oh my, that stink eye is priceless.
I don't know if Vienna is done trying to nurse yet so I'll have to keep putting the cayenne of Venus for awhile just to be sure. I am taking my life into my own hands doing it, though!

Here's a new picture of Little John. And yes, I do believe he has turned out to be a fine looking rooster. He has two 'tells' about that. One is on the bottom edge of his neck feathers, he has a row starting that is black fringed with the caramel. Roosters have more plumage and variations of color at their neck. And the tail. His feathers are growing longer and starting to curl at the ends. A hen has shorter, straight feathers at the tail. Of course, the growing cockscomb is a dead givaway! Looking good, Little John!                                                       
Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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