Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Mitts Have It!

Mitts are very popular these days due to the Harry Potter movies and the vampires on "Being Human". Being old like I am, (((giggle))) I remember when the movie "Oliver!" came out and the pickpockets were wearing fingerless gloves. And I remember them in the 80's. But everything cycles around and mitts are the craze once again. I'm happy about it as I've always liked them. I have knitted three pair recently in this pattern. Two in brown and one in a light fawn with silk and sparkles. (Girls like shiny things) I'm getting ready to sell them at wool festivals this year and I have been thinking about how much to charge for them.
For this pair I have decided on $45. Some might say "what?! that much?" To backtrack on their creation, it takes about 3 hours to knit each one. Before that, the yarn is hand spun--its not $1.99 plastic Wal-Mart yarn. The roving I spun was blended with colored silk and firestar. The fleece had to be skirted (an hour to 1 1/2 hours) and then washed. It easily takes me 3 hours to wash a fleece. In order to have fleece, I have to feed and care for the animal for a year. Only healthy animals can provide healthy, strong and shiny fleece. I spend an hour a day feeding animals with up to 4 hours a day outside with them, caring for them. Buying grain, scooping poop piles, halter training, cooling them off in the summer. I've just talked myself out of selling these mitts. I think I'm going to keep them now. I'm not charging nearly enough.

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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