Sunday, March 6, 2011

The "Carting With Llamas" Class

Yesterday we, 3 Sisters' Workshop, held our class "Carting With Llamas" with instructor Tim Kohloff. It started out a rather soggy and cool day but it didn't bother the spirits of those attending! We had a blast.

 We started off learning about the harnessing equipment and how to fit it on your llama. We used Herbie Miller, shown in the picture above, to start the class.
Mr. Miller has carted before and it was evident in his patience with us as we learned. (Tim showed alot of patience with us, too. Thanks, Tim!)

This is a picture of Mr. Miller hooked up to his cart with Tim at the reigns to get him off on his first spin around.
It was actually exciting to watch Mr. Miller trotting back to the barn with Michelle at the reigns! Tim was there with the lead rope trotting alongside 'just in case'. Doesn't Mr. Miller look proud as a peacock pulling that cart?

And lastly, to the right is a picture of my husband, Darrell, with Vision. He was learning about ground breaking with him. As you can see, Darrell really took a liking to Vision! He is a beautiful boy. Yes, we are talking about getting a cart and when Darrell starts talking about making a harness he gets a gleam in his eye. Its fun to see him excited about it. I'm sure we will talk more about this in the future. It was such a good day and we were exhausted in the afternoon at its end. I think 3 Sisters' will hold another class like this in the fall. I'll keep you posted.

Talk to you soon,  Tammy


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