Saturday, February 12, 2011

1 Fiber, 2 Yarns, 2 Different Scarves

I've been working on different projects lately in sort of an A-D-D fashion, jumping from one to another in no certain order, for a little while now. Although I didn't start out with this plan in mind, I recently noticed how I used this one fiber in two different scarves. It is alpaca. I blended the colors and found it pleasing to me. And obviously to others because I sold over 3 lbs of it! I spun the fiber for one scarf in a smooth two ply. The other yarn I core-spun. The scarves are very different and not until you put them side by side would you notice that they are the same fiber.

This is the yarn on the right that made the scarf on the left. I like the texture of the core-spun yarn. It makes plain stockinette stitch fancy!

To the right is a child's size neck scarf. The fiber was spun in a two-ply and knitted in a garter stitch. I think the color of the yarn is truer in the pic to the right rather than above. You can compare the yarn above the child's scarf for a good comparison. Its fun to see how different effects on yarn preparation can lead to such different results. It makes me want to knit something else.... I gotta go now..........................

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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