Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A New Hat For A Little One

I spun a three ply cria alpaca yarn from Tabitha a couple of weeks ago. It is a nice grey color. I loved spinning this fiber! And I loved knitting with it, too. I am looking forward to spinning some more of it. It has a wonderful handle to it and seemed to spin itself.
To the right is the hat I knitted for my Grandson, Eagan. It is a pattern I got off Ravelry call Aviatrix. It is the cutest hat! It knitted up rather quickly, too. I used a small pewter button for the closure. I understand that most 1 year olds don't like to keep a hat on their head, but I'm hoping because this one is so soft he might leave it on when he goes outside. Here's hoping, anyway!
I've added a picture of Tabitha from this summer. She is 3 years old and looks rose grey but her fiber is definitely grey. I love her fiber and look forward to shearing this spring. Not sure yet if I'll be selling any of it though! Talk to you soon,


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