Saturday, January 15, 2011

Doing without

I've been doing some spinning lately. I have been without internet service for 5 days out of the last 7. How dependent we are on our technology! What would you do with yourself if you couldn't get on the web or Facebook or Twitter or Ebay or email for a day or two? How about a whole week? I didn't realize how dependent I was on communicating. Right now I am at a neighbor's 'borrowing' theirs. I have been getting some little projects done and some cooking. I find myself glancing at the internet box often to see if its on! Luckily, I can keep myself occupied with spinning and knitting and felting. I have been working on some costuming for our local community theatre's next play, "Bullshot Crummond". So I have been keeping busy.  I will write again as soon as I can!
Maybe we should all try to put down our Blackberrys and Ipads and pick up some knitting. Its very enlightning. To the right is a picture of Jadzia. She is a medium sized girl who has a very pleasant personality. She is mild mannered and will let the other crias eat out of her pellets bowl and Jadzia is pregnant. That is a rare thing with pregnant girls! She is a sweet girl. Well, happy knitting! Talk to you soon,


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