Sunday, November 28, 2010

So Lately....

...the babies seem to be growing like weeds. I took these pictures this morning. We had some rain this week and the pasture is starting to dry out and the babies are taking advantage of being able to run around again. The first picture is of the youngest in our group, Diesel. I just love the coloring of his head!
And he has spots all over.

Today is a good day to get the water tanks scrubbed out as it is warmer and no wind. Yes, having animals can be alot of work but it is gratifying work as I enjoy it. Having these guys is who I am. Working with their fiber seems to be a part of me. I feel very lucky to be enjoying my life.

The next pic is of Diesel (left), Vienna and Yahtzee hanging out together. Diesel is energetic and likes to pester the girl crias. And the girls in general. Most days he has a green glob of spit on the back of his head because he made one mad at him. lol

Talk to you soon, Tammy

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