Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Feltball Injury

A horrible thing has happened! I have been wounded in the line of duty. I have a feltball injury. In a marathon feltball session, I have bruised my left palm to the point that it hurts to touch or use it. It is unbelievably painful. I wonder if I qualify for worker's comp? I I have had to take a break from feltballs until I figure out what to do. Its tough because I like my feltballs! lol  Last night, I did some spinning. My grandson, Eagan, might need a new sweater. Or I might need a new scarf. Anyway, at least I can still spin. I'll keep you updated on my recovery. Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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  1. You'll have to wait in line for workman's comp....I was finishing an order for notecards and had to use a punch that was "stiff". Bruised my right thumb so much so that it was purple ! Tammy, I got sick in WI and came home with the same stuff as during B&B. . . still recovering but I do want to come over. What does your schuedule look like?