Friday, October 29, 2010

My Genetic Stick

It has been an interesting week around the farm. I had another post planned for today but after the past couple of days I've had, I had to change my mind and do this one. I've been breeding the alpaca girls. I bred Aztec and Vidalia to Laredo. I felt those were good choices for them. I then decided to try this guy out this year.
He has good conformation and fiber and spots! And Emmee, who has been cushed at the fence for the last two months driving the boys crazy, would have nothing to do with him. She threw an absolute fit. So I brought in Canela. I've never had trouble getting Canela to breed before. She threw a bigger fit than Emmee did! So, out went Griffin to the pasture with my apologies. I went into the bullpen and brought in Laredo for Emmee. He is a more aggressive breeder, full Peruvian like Emmee, a good match. She dropped like a rock for him and bred for a good half hour! Why? Is it because he is a tuxedo grey? Is ZZ Top right and 'women go crazy for a sharp dressed man? (((giggle))) It looks like I won't have too many branches on my genetic tree next year, but I guess a genetic stick is better than a stump! Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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