Thursday, December 2, 2010

Still Spinning

Yes, since the dreaded feltball injury, I am still spinning fiber into yarns and enjoying myself immensely! At the right is my latest core-spun
yarn made from alpaca, silk and glitz. I've been kicked back in my workshop, watching some TV,
and spinning fiber. In my workshop I have a flat
screen tv on the wall which is hooked up to DirectTV. I like tv. Some people like to listen to
music and work. I like to watch tv and movies and
work. I'm from the television generation, I watch alot
of tv, and I'm not going to apologize about it or try
to hide it. TV is what I do. I do listen to music some
times. In my car. At karaoke.  But while working on projects in my workshop, I have the tv on. And I get stuff
done. Enough about that. The other picture is one of the
newest additions to my cat ranching. I've been calling her
Princess as she is an only child and quite spoiled. She is
very friendly and available for adoption. She is about 6
weeks old. Well, I'm headed out to my workshop where
I'm going to turn on a classic old movie, like Predator,
and do some spinning. Talk to you soon,

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