Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Little Eco-Printing

I've been a bit preoccupied with natural dyeing this summer and going into fall. I love using local plants and extracting the dye from them and getting them to print onto textiles. I've been printing on linen, cotton, silk and wool.

I've also been using repurposed silk and linen garments to print on.

And some new socks. Aren't these fun?

Sumac, goldenrod, biddens, Queen Anne's Lace, leaves from various trees have been used. Like I said, I'm trying to use local plants to see what I can create. In the midwest, we have many plants that give color. I'm sure this winter I will be going further afield and using madder and indigo.

Above is sumac and wild sunflowers. I love how sometimes the sumac has lavender color tones to it.
Below is a sweet gum leaf. One side is more black but the other side printed a bright yellow.

I must tell you that these are some of the best prints of over two months of work. Yes, months! It is not expensive dyeing except it is labor intensive. Gathering, gathering, gathering. But I am enjoying it.

One thing that has thrown me off recently is new cria babies. Most years, I will breed 6 of my girls and 2, maybe 3 will breedings will take. But last year, all 5 of the girls I bred took! Yikes-a-hooties Batman!! I have been on baby watch. Here are the first 2 girls.

My son is a film student and is taking a photography class. He is melding his love of the packies with a new passion for photography. Here is one of his photos:

I am so looking forward to seeing more of his work! This weekend is the Weavers' Guild of St Louis' Annual  Sale and alot of my work will be offered this year. Check out their web site if you are interested in attending. Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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