Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair

So far it has been a crazy, busy summer. Things are normal
around here!
Its been hot (heat index over 100) for days now and much of our time is spent with the animals outside. Although it is hard of me physically, coping with the heat, it is a bonding time for us with the packies. They are so appreciative of a water shower!

I have had some bluebird issues. I have a few 'up-ity' sparrows that keep taking over the bluebird house and running the bluebirds off. I finally have a pair in the house by the barn but they are elusive and I have not been able to capture a picture. The house by the kitchen window remains empty. sigh.....

I have a drop off cat that has claimed me as hers. no, really! She follows me around, comes in the workshop and hangs out, in the house, out in the pasture, back in the house. She jumps at the front door. Jumps straight up about 3 feet high so she can look in the door's window to see me. Yeah, I have a cat now.

This is my latest nuno felted dress that I worked on this spring to enter in the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair's fashion show. It is made with over 8 yards of silk gauze and china silk that I dyed. The corsage is felted into the dress using up cycled fabrics. It has an empire waist and I put a zipper in the back.

Here is a close up of ruffles and corsage.

It did not win at the fashion show. sigh....needle felted wool on silk garments won.

It is not that I don't think the winners are not good felters. Their color and design elements were exceptional. I feel they are inexperienced felters. Its just that wool needle felted onto silk is not stable. It will pull apart easily. Needle felting is one stage in the process. I own a rolling machine and a needle felting machine that I use regularly. But not exclusively. My dress is still awesome and will be able to be seen at the Weavers Guild of St Louis' Annual Sale. Yep, I'm putting it in the sale. and now she steps down from the soapbox......

I have been working on several projects and will be sharing with you again. After surgery, while recuperating, there is a lot of down time to think of all the things you want to do again. And I am now starting to do them!

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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