Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Days

The days have been hectic around here. I've been traveling around a lot attending classes and coming home and trying to catch up. I got in new hay in large round bales and the alpacas are very happy with me right now. When I am home anyways. I have been a 50% rancher this month and I'm feeling  a bit guilty. But the packies don't mind as long as the hay holds out.

I'm still training my next-generation farm manager. His sessions are going well and now he is telling me how to do things. lol  The girls like him alot, too.

The temperatures have moderated a bit but they are still in the mid 90's and the packies get hot. Some of them, like Vienna pictured here, like to drink out of the hose. Eagan thinks it is so much fun when they do!

One of the summer's big jobs on a farm is scrubbing out the water tanks. It is a job to take seriously and my new manager does. He is all about the work.  I am thankful for the help.

This is a nuno felted silk scarf that I made last week in Ohio with Sachiko Kotaka of Australia. The class was hosted by Marlene's Felting Madness. It was a rockin' class and I learned a bunch of new techniques that I am looking forward to using in my felt work. I love Sachiko's work and working with her. I hope she makes it to the States again and I am fortunate enough to be able to attend one of her workshops. Well, I've still got lots of catching up to do around here!

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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