Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little John's First Field Trip

  WHOOO-HOOO!!!!          ITS A FIELD TRIP!!!

Little John and his brothers and sisters went on their first field trip yesterday outside of the barn. They had quite a fun time!  You could feel their excitement in the air as they lined up.

The biggest one, which I'm pretty sure is a rooster, took the lead in the line. Notice that even at about two weeks old, they are starting to get their wing feathers. I've seen the fly up at least 10 inches in the air already. The babies are growing up so fast!
Here is a good picture of Little John getting ready to go.
 They made their way outside to where the 'big' chickens eat their cracked corn and grains and had their first taste of big chicken food. As you can see, they stayed pretty close to mom while out there!
 And as is true of all field trips: its thirsty work! When they came back in the barn, I gave them some fresh water and they gathered around my recycled ice cream tub-turned waterer for a well deserved drink. They drink by dipping their beaks into the water and scooping some up and then tilting their heads back to swallow.

Yesterday, Atilla the Hen (who was setting on the cloud of alpaca fiber) started hatching out her chicks. I took these pics when I gave them their first water and feed. More babies for me! 

 Talk to you soon,  Tammy  
ps.  I'm looking into starting a chicken adoption group. If interested in joining please let me know.

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