Saturday, July 7, 2012

Still Climbing

out of my hurricane hole. The house is getting better (I must admit that I am no Martha Stewart. I only clean my house when company is coming over and my hubby invites people over every couple of weeks so I get some cleaning done). The workshop doesn't look like a cyclone hit it anymore. Just a thunderstorm. But these 100 plus degree days are at 10 of them in a row now. Me and the animals are in heat fatigue and are glad that today is supposed the last one for awhile. And as much as we complain about the weather guys and their predictions, they are usually right and I am counting on their being accurate today! I keep telling myself, "this is the last day!" And this will be the hottest day, 107. I am totally rocking my farmer tan, too. Complete with the stripes across my feet.

Pictured is baby Ellen appreciating the sprayer on the hose.

The sunflowers are reaching for the sky. They must be at least 10ft tall! I grow them for the birds. They come up volunteer in the veggie garden every year and I let them go to seed for the birds. Sometimes, I am very tempted to pick some for a vase for the kitchen table. But I usually don't. To me, sunflowers represent summer.

This is a close-up of the biggest flower head. It is about 15 inches across. You can see the seeds starting to form. The stalk is bent way over because of the weight of the seed head. Even bent over like this, it is still over my head!

Farewell, from the land of toads and kittens!

Talk to you soon,  Tammy

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